The principal business activities of the GNC group of companies include the supply of the following;

Precast Concrete




Onsite Concrete Batching & Concrete Supply

GNC Concrete & Precast is able to offer customers a total package of contract services. We have a proven competence in meeting concrete supply requirements on sites. This service can include the provision of concrete batching plants with a capacity of 70m3 per hour. This is of particular note when setting up initial infrastructure on large mine sites or remote sites throughout Australia.

Our mobile concrete batching plants are designed for durability, reliability, and constant quality.

From the wireless remote control unit to the state-the-art computer and hydraulic system, every component of our mobile concrete batching plants meet the highest standards of performance.

Continuous uninterrupted production is achieved when the mobile batching plant is loaded with materials during the mixing/discharge operation.

Our HIGH output mobile concrete batching plant supplied concrete in temperatures exceeding 48 degrees producing 468m3 of 40 mpa concrete in 7hrs during a continuous Ball Mill & Crusher foundation pour. During this pour our concrete did not exceed 28 degrees at the point of discharge.

Adjustable discharge rates from 1m3 to over 70m3 per hr of quality concrete from stabilized back fill to high strength structural concrete mix designs can be achieved.

For long distance and remote deliveries our concrete is always fresh with no costly, time-consuming setups.

Efficient, load sensing computerised hydraulic and weight systems with constant flows ensure a consistent mix that will meet the requirements of any mix design or standards.

Our mobile concrete batching plants are equipped with a digitised computer system that allows the site engineers to observe the production of the concrete and receive a print out of precisely how much water, cement, sand, stone and add mixtures are used in the mix. (This can be requested at any time during the production of the concrete batching)

Our concrete batching plants have also been used for:

  • The back fill of mine shafts and stopes
  • Underground concrete batching in mining applications
  • Remote area concrete supply
  • Remote area Mining and construction camp infrastructure


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